An egg shaped bead

This gentleman's family recently paid me a second visit. I will update this bio later. He was so loved! I just had to post this picture first because the recipient of this bead is the widow of the deceased. She was VERY clear about what she wanted. She wanted the bead shape to be that of a sapphire colored egg, and she wanted white & blue swirls! This one made me nervous because she was adamant about what she wanted....demanding, but a total love! I got the following note from her after she received it…made my day!

“Dear Vangie, I more than LOVE IT…..I love, love, love, and adore it !  You outdid yourself, and I am so very happy to have given you a picture to help create this absolutely adorable bead. Of course, I wish that I would be the one and only one like it, but I’m sure you will have customers  who will desire this sweet pattern. The colors, pattern, and the sparkle are everything I hoped for. It makes me cry happy tears. Thank you Vangie, you’re a dear and I love you for giving me a treasure to wear and be proud of.

My love,



Vangie CollinsComment