WINNER picked: Kim Sherman Rose. CONGRATS!!!

It's one thing to say "I am grateful," and another to demonstrate it. I am grateful for my customers, for their unending love & support, and to so many of you who have passed my information on to friends and family. I will give away a cremation Remembrance Bead this week. Share this with any friend or family member who has lost a special person who they would like to memorialize in a bead. I will make it for the winner in the color of their choice, and the winner only needs to send the ashes of their loved one, and pay for shipping ($10). This sample is made in aqua.t

To enter to win, please write "I am grateful" in the comments below. This giveaway is also open on my Facebook page. I will pick a randomly selected winner in 7 days. Thank you, and have an amazing week! Pay it forward :-)

Vangie CollinsComment