A beloved mom remembered

This is from a pic & story posted on my Facebook page on December 13, 2013.

This photo is of a beloved mom (Maryann), and her daughter (Donna), who commissioned me to make these beads. Donna was very hesitant when she contacted me because she had had a very bad experience with the "pendant urn" that originally held her mom's ashes. She wasn't even sure that there was any ash in her pendant. Long story short, a VERY small amount of cremation ash was in the pendant, and she trusted me to make this glass pendant and three Remembrance Beads. The three Remembrance beads will be incorporated in a handmade (by Donna) stained glass piece. When her pieces are done, I will have her permission to share them with you. She showed me some of her artwork and it's beautiful so I think you will all be very impressed. If we all love them (and I believe we will), Donna might be persuaded to collaborate with me, and offer this service to you!!!

Vangie CollinsComment