You simply have no idea. You bring life back to death. You bring happiness back to broken. You bring joy back to sadness and hope back to fear. You simply have no idea the impact of your magic. I pray that you know. That you really know what an impact you have. I am left speechless. It really is like life brought back. Like breath in a bead. I know it sounds crazy but thats it. Breath in a bead. Barbara H.


I have my sweet cat Sadie, my little sister Becky, and my dear Dad Howard Merrill with me always...Thank You Vangie Collins for the cremation beads and sun catchers, and for the warmth and respect you show to our loved ones. Elaine M.P.


Your beads meant the world to me and my family.  I came up and talked to you personally and you were so warm and kind. Because of you I carry a small piece of my daughter with me always and that is such a comfort. Marne U.

I wear my cremation bead, made into a necklace, and it sits right over my heart. I love every opportunity that I can wear my dear Logan over my heart. I miss him forever, and my cremation bead helps me deal with missing him. Shari S.

I can't explain the peace and love I felt during my visit with Vangie. I was welcomed with open arms. She puts real feeling in each bead she makes. I arrived with daughters and granddaughters for support. My husband Art has been gone five years but she is still there when I need her. She does beautiful work and I'm still buying beads from her. Norma N.


This Christmas, 2018, will mark 1 year since I got my cremation bead from Vangie. My mom sent away for it so I could have my Sir William Wallace with me at all times. It will forever be the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me, and for that, I will be eternally thankful… and the fact that she takes the time to read everyone's personal story about their beloved pet, just shows you what kind of person she is. Kadie Lynn N.


You were so kind and respectful in the process of making a bead for myself and my daughter with my mother's ashes. It will be something I will treasure forever. Allison A.

The beads you made for me mean the world to me. Since getting them in 2012 I haven’t taken them off. My fiancé is with me always. Diane L.L.

Got my Riff Raff with me forever.  Best beads and a great woman...heart and soul… Doug P.


Vangie you have definitely helped put a smile on my face. My little Angel was just 10 years old when she passed away.  Losing a child is so devastating, but since I received the bead you had made for me with her hair in it I just can't even explain how it warms my heart. I actually feel closer to her… you are amazing! I hope to meet you in person one day to give you a personal hug! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deb H.


My daughter had you make a bead for me with our dog Lance’s ashes in it. I was so happy I cried. It was black and white swirl with a gray hue and you made a paw print on it. I just adore it. It means so much to me to have a piece of him with me when I can wear my Pandora bracelet. You did such a wonderful job Vangie and I always recommend this to anyone that has lost someone. 
Courtney D

Amazing, you're wonderful. You made three Cremation beads with my dog’s (Koda) ashes 5 years ago. I LOVE the beads and they fit perfectly on my pandora bracelet. I know this sounds weird, but when I wear them, I will rub the bead and think of my boy. It brings a lot of comfort knowing he is with me in my heart and I can also physically touch him. Sadly, I know I will have to reach out to you again someday for my K. J. He’s young and healthy now, but it’s inevitable!! Thank you Vangie!! Karen N.