"Twist & Swtich" posts are 11/2", 13/4", & 2" long (usable space), but can be custom made in any length (per your preference) for a modest additional fee (depending on size).  My Twist & Switch has been designed with strength and durability in mind.  Everything we make is made with that thought in mind, and everything is made with a "what would I want" mentality.

The Pendant's bail (top) is made entirely of high quality (.975)Sterling Silver.  The post (rod that is soldered onto the bail and where the removeable ball at the bottom sits) is stainless steel which translates into strenghth and durability.  The twist off ball (at the bottom of the post) is brass that has been finished in .925 quality sterling silver.  I conducted a thorough search for a reputable and professional silver plater.  He joins me in the pride that he takes in his work, and I am SO VERY lucky to have found him.  We decided to use brass for the twist off balls because it is strong & durable which translates into the ability to hold up to daily wear & tear.

We use a brass base for the balls, because it is strong,  and the sterling silver plating will hold up to the daily wear and tear!

Sterling Post by VCLAMPWORK "Twist & Switch"
Pendant Post

(spacers not included)
11/2" or 13/4"
usable space
Your choice / same price

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