I love glass and the lampwork bead process.  
Making glass beads and Cremation Beads allows me to follow my passion!

Vangie's Studio
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I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 1985, and I have been working in that field since that time. 
I discovered glass beadmaking about eight years ago, and am now able to combine my people skills and compassion, with my love for glass beadmaking.
I am not a grief counselor, but if as part of this process, you feel the need to discuss your loss or grief, I will be a good listener and offer whatever comfort I can.

VCLAMPWORK is a small business...just myself and my husband. 
I create the beads, and he creates some of the sterling silver pieces that I use to finish my jewelry. 
The size of the business allows me to offer the personal touch that I feel is so important.  There is no "middle man" so I am able to earn a modest living while passing the savings on to you. 
So for those of you who wonder why my prices are so reasonable...that's the reason.

One of the things that I'm really proud of is my committment to fair pricing.  I have a little pet peeve, and that is extra shipping & handling fees!  I hate paying them, and I assume that you do too!!!  Consequently, I only charge what it costs me to ship via the US Postal Service Service.  I ship Flat Rate Priority with delivery confirmation and insurance based on the value of your purchase. 
If you want extra shipping services, or if you are submitting an INTERNATIONAL order, please let me know and I will give you a shipping quote.

In summary, I love what I do, and I put my heart and soul into it. 
I consider myself fortunate to have found a way to do what I love, while simultaneously helping people through a difficult time.


My glass beads are made with Moretti, Vetrofond, Creation is Messy (CIM) and/or Double Helix Silver Glass.  
I make the beads by using a blowtorch to guide colored molten glass onto a metal rod.
I add streams, whisps, dashes, and dots of melted glass to create my original designs.
Once the bead is complete, it is placed in a digitally controlled kiln for proper annealing.  
The annealing process ensures a strong & durable bead!
 Bead dimensions are approximate &
due to the nature of the glass & photography, the colors may differ slightly.